Friday, October 16, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 5 "Dream Logic"

When people start going on killing sprees and then die of extreme exhaustion shortly after, Fringe is called into investigate. However, Olivia is still distraught over the loss of her friend, Charlie Francis, and turns to Sam Weiss for help. But as more and more people continue to die, Olivia and the team are getting nowhere. That is, until they discover that the people who have been dying are all implanted with a chip to help control their sleep. This chip can send the dreams of the user wirelessly, which causes the people to believe that they are in a nightmare, which is the reason why they are killing. With some quick detective work, Olivia discovers the man behind this is the doctor who implanted the chips, and that he is now addicted to his patient's dreams. Disgusted with himself, the doctor commits suicide and the rest of the patients are saved. Olivia returns to Charlie's grave, and with some help from Sam Weiss, we discover that she is going to be fine. We can not say the same about Peter, who is now haunted by dreams of Walter coming into his bedroom as a child.

And where is the Observer? Well this week I found him very cleverly hidden in the hospital when all the people with the computer chip in their brains are lining up to go into surgery. There is a shot of Olivia talking to the nurse, and then a cut to the people complaining below, and then a shot of Olivia talking to the nurse. On the second shot of Olivia talking to the nurse, he walks out from behind a pillar. He is in the picture below, with a red box around him. Don't feel to bad if you missed him, it was difficult this week.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bonus Observer Sightings

As some of you may or may not know, there have been some additional Observer sightings in and out of the show. I have already covered one of these instances, (the Fringe Season 2 Poster) but there are still quite a few that I have missed. They are below in no particular order, mainly because I am tired.

Fringe Title Sequence - During the Fringe title sequence at the beginning of each episode just after the words "Dark Matter" appear, the words "Observers Are Here" appear for only a moment. They are hard to spot because it looks as if someone wrote them on a fogged piece of glass with their finger. They are below in a red box.

Fringe Poster - In the below fringe poster, where we see Olivia inside of the tank, you can see the word "observed" written just above one of her hairs. The picture below shows you where on Olivia the word is.

This picture zooms in on the word because it is hard to see in the above picture.

Entertainment Events - The Observer seems to really like this universe's sports and entertainment. The below are instances where the Observer has shown up at 3 different sporting events and 1 entertainment event. He is in the customary red box for anyone who needs him.

1. He was at the NASCAR Sprint Cup auto race in Texas, on April 5, 2009.

2. He was at a NFL football game between the Giants and the Eagles.

3. He was in an American Idol episode.

4. He was also at a 2009 MLB All Star Game.

That is all for now.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 4 "Momentum Deferred"

When the shape shifters from a few episodes earlier return and begin to steal cryogenically frozen heads, Fringe is called in to investigate. By doing so they learn that the shape shifters are not entirely human, but are in fact a combination of machine and organic tissue, and have the need to consume mercury to stay alive. To determine who the shape shifters are, Walter brings in a woman from his past who can see who is and isn't from this universe. However, her powers are degrading and she is no longer able to use them. Also, Olivia remebers everything from her encouter with William Bell, and knows what the shape shifters are looking for and where to find it. The man impersonating Charlie tricks Olivia into revealing this information, and while he and Olivia fight, the other shape shifters regain the head of their leader. In the end the Charlie shape shifter dies, which leaves Olivia distraught over the loss of her friend, and with the shape shifters having claimed their prize, it is only a matter of time....

And where it the Observer? He is kind of difficult to find at first, but it really shouldn't take you more than 2 tries. When Olivia is caled out of the Massive Dynamic building by the shape shifter impersonating Charlie, he is watching from the other side of the road. He is quite close to the camera so he is a little blurry, but you can see that it is him. The picture is below with him in a red box, even though he takes up half the screen.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 3 "Fracture"

All the water in a cop's body solidifies and then explodes when he is sent on a suspicious mission by an unknown source. As Fringe begins to investigate this strange happening, they discover a top secret military experiment which may have connections to their case. This leads them back to one of Peter's shady contacts in Iraq, where they learn that there may very well be more than a few more human bombs walking around. On top of this Olivia continues to cope with her injuries, but is beginning to get frustrated with the man that is supposed to be helping her. And with "The Colonel" sending his next unwitting human bomb to intercept a messenger, the tam is quickly running out of time.

And where is the Observer? Well if you missed him, I must say that you need to start trying a little harder, because you just aren't putting any effort into watching this show. He is one of "them", the people watching us and who "The Colonel" was trying to stop. We see him opening the second briefcase from the man in the black trench coat, which contains pictures of Walter. The picture of him is below with a red box around him, just in case you can't see him still. Idiots.