Sunday, November 22, 2009

10 000 Views! and the Massive Dynamic Website

Hey everyone. I just thought I should do a post in recognition that this blog has reached 10 000 views! This is a real achievement and I want to thank all of you for your dedication. It really means a lot. Keep on searching!

Also, for those of you who do not already know about the Massive Dynamic Website, you should really check it out HERE. It has job postings, a full on look at 5 different areas they specialize in and more. However it does not look like it is completely done yet, as some of the links do absolutely nothing, like their international links. This is definitely worth checking out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 8 "August"

We are once again made painfully aware that "There is more than one of everything" by the arrival of a whole host of new Observers, including one named August. This Observer becomes hellbent on saving one girl from being killed by an airplane crash, which leads him to abduct her in an attempt to save her. However, the other Observers know that this can't be allowed because it will produce an alternate future, and so are forced to send an assassin to try and kill her. Meanwhile, Fringe works on deciphering the code left behind by August, which is actually a message to Walter from August asking for his help. With the assassin closing in on the girl and with nowhere left to hide, August allows himself to be shot by the assassin, which makes the girl to important to kill because she has caused the death of one of the Observers. Walter holds up his word to give the girl her stuffed bear that August has been carrying around with him ever since his first encounter with her, and August reveals that the real reason fro saving this girl was because he loved her.

And where is the Observer? Well if you didn't see him then you should really just stop trying because he is in a whole ton of shots, as well as the other Observers. I am placing a picture below of all four Observers in the customary red boxes seen in this episode, with a red arrow above our Observer. Also just as a note, the name of our Observer is September, which leads us to believe that there are only twelve Observers in total, and now only eleven alive.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 7 "Of Human Action"

The son of a Massive Dynamic employee is kidnapped by two car sales men with the ability to control people's minds. Believing this to be a sleeper cell operation to extract secrets from MD, Fringe is called in to negotiate the safe release of the teen. However, in an attempt to capture the sales men, Fringe learns all to late that the kidnappers are really the the hostages, and that the teen is really running the show. The teen captures Peter and attempts to reconnect with his supposedly deceased mother, who is in fact alive and has remarried. In a desperate attempt to stop the kid, Broyles takes him head on only to be shot by an unwilling Peter. But with quick thinking and nerves of steel, the kid is incapacitated and is sent to seek therapy, while the rest of the team takes a well deserved rest. And, as we can clearly see at the end of this episode, there really is more than one of everything.

And where is the Observer in the midst of all this excitement? Well he has certainly stepped up his game, because it took me 6 tries to finally find him. He is hiding behind a car watching the police cars drive up and into the parking lot where they are shortly after forced to kill each other. I swear that this is him, Although you would be right to question it. He is very hard to see here, so of course I have put him in the customary red box.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 6 "Earthling"

One of Philip's old cases comes back to haunt him when a serial killer resurfaces after four years. His victims are all the same, after being exposed to increased radiation, they are turned to dust. However, thanks to Walter's insight into this problem, the case beings to reveal a truth that is literally out of this world. An organism from outer space has bonded itself with a Russian cosmonaut, and is feeding of the radiation of his victims. With no way to separate the organism from the host, and the CIA hot on their trail, the Fringe department must do whatever is necessary to prevent this thing from killing again...

And where is the Observer? Well because of the long break between episodes, he has graciously decided that we need some practice before he starts really trying again, so he is actually quite easy to find. He is cleverly almost out of sight when Broyles is in what looks to be an airport, and is telling Olivia that the CIA is attempting to take the case out from under them. He walks out of a plane and watches Broyles while he is completing the call, then promptly walks off screen. The picture is below with the customary red box around our friend.