Sunday, April 18, 2010

Season 2 - Episode 18 "White Tulip"

When a train car is completely drained of all energy, form both electrical devices and the humans on the car, Fringe science is called in to investigate. The trail of clues quickly lead them to a professor who has not only perfected a machine that can be used to travel through time, but also implanted this machine inside his own body. Before Fringe is able to apprehend the professor, he jumps back to the train and the whole day starts over. This happens a few times, each time Fringe nearly apprehends the professor a few different ways, and each time he escapes. Finally, Fringe discovers that the professor's wife died a few months earlier, which is where he must be trying to get to. Walter is able to have a heart to heart discussion with the professor about the dangers of saving his wife, hinting about his own experience with Peter. Walter also reveals that, although he has been wanting to reveal the secret to Peter, he is waiting for a specific sign from God, a White Tulip. The professor finally succeeds in his goal of going back to save his wife, but because of Walter`s words, he allows himself to be killed instead. He does however leave a message to be mailed to Walter in the present, a picture of a White Tulip.

And where is the Observer? Well he is quite difficult to see in this episode, and also quite difficult to take a picture of. he is standing in a doorway behind where the professor and his fiancée get hit by the truck. He is in the customary red box so that everyone can see him.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Season 2 - Episode 17 "Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver."

Sorry about the delay everyone, my computer recently fried and I am only now able to post this. I apologize to everyone who reads this on a regular basis.

Now on to the episode. Frankly one of the better episodes in my book, especially because of the Inglorious Basterds reference at the very beginning of the episode. If you missed it, it is when Diane Kruger, the first woman to be infected in this episode, is talking on her cell phone. She mentions a doctor named "Gorlami", which is the false name that Brad Pitt used to get into the premiere of the movie.

But back to the episode. A man from the cortexiphan trials is infecting everyone else that was in the trials with rapid onset cancer, just by touching them. As the list of close by targets narrows down to just Olivia Dunham, the team begins to run out of time. But Olivia is preoccupied with her decision not to tell Peter who he really is. Her thought process is interuppted when she is attacked by the man, and as her life hangs in the balance, she calls Peter to save her. She survives and decides that it is better not to tell Peter than to risk losing him. Meanwhile, Nina Sharp and Agent Broyles decide to hunt down the remaining cortexiphan kids, before someone else gets to them.

And where is the Observer? Well it turns out that he is a big Tarantino fan as well, as he passes right in from of Diane Kruger's car on her way back to her office.He is only there for a second and isn't very easy to spot, so don't worry if you missed him. He is below in the picture with the customary red box around him.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Season 2 - Episode 16 "Peter"

Welcome back everyone. Fringe is back and better than ever! In this episode (appropriately named Peter) Walter finally explains what happened to Peter to a visibly shaken Olivia. In both universes Peter is dying of a genetic disease that as of now, has no cure. The Peter of this universe dies from the disease, but the Walter on the other side discovers a cure that could save his son. Unfortunately, The Observer accidentally distracts him and causes him to miss the moment the tests become positive. Our Walter sees the result and recreates the cure. He can't witness his son dying again, so he goes over to the other side. Nina Sharp tries to stop Walter, but her arm is severed when the door to the other side closes. Walter brings the Peter from the alternate universe back with him through the portal, but the ice underneath the portal breaks and both Walter and Peter fall into the lake. The Observer saves them both to undo the mistake he made and tells Walter that Peter is very important, and that he must not die. Walter cures Peter but is unable to send him back to the alternate universe because he loves him to much. Finally, Walter reveals that because he created that first portal, more portals have been appearing, and that is why the two universes are going to collide.

And where is the Observer? Well he made a fool of himself in this episode and possibly caused one whole universe to die, but without him Peter would have died, and apparently he is very important. You can see the Observer three times in this episode, which are shown below. He is of course in the customary red box in each picture, but you shouldn't need it.

1. When He distracts the alternate Walter from witnessing the cure.

2. When he meets with January and August to discuss his mistake.

3. When he rescues Walter and Peter.