Saturday, November 14, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 7 "Of Human Action"

The son of a Massive Dynamic employee is kidnapped by two car sales men with the ability to control people's minds. Believing this to be a sleeper cell operation to extract secrets from MD, Fringe is called in to negotiate the safe release of the teen. However, in an attempt to capture the sales men, Fringe learns all to late that the kidnappers are really the the hostages, and that the teen is really running the show. The teen captures Peter and attempts to reconnect with his supposedly deceased mother, who is in fact alive and has remarried. In a desperate attempt to stop the kid, Broyles takes him head on only to be shot by an unwilling Peter. But with quick thinking and nerves of steel, the kid is incapacitated and is sent to seek therapy, while the rest of the team takes a well deserved rest. And, as we can clearly see at the end of this episode, there really is more than one of everything.

And where is the Observer in the midst of all this excitement? Well he has certainly stepped up his game, because it took me 6 tries to finally find him. He is hiding behind a car watching the police cars drive up and into the parking lot where they are shortly after forced to kill each other. I swear that this is him, Although you would be right to question it. He is very hard to see here, so of course I have put him in the customary red box.

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  1. I'm not sure I buy this one. That could be any old dude. Hell it needn't even be a dude.

    I call BS.