Saturday, November 7, 2009

Season 2 - Episode 6 "Earthling"

One of Philip's old cases comes back to haunt him when a serial killer resurfaces after four years. His victims are all the same, after being exposed to increased radiation, they are turned to dust. However, thanks to Walter's insight into this problem, the case beings to reveal a truth that is literally out of this world. An organism from outer space has bonded itself with a Russian cosmonaut, and is feeding of the radiation of his victims. With no way to separate the organism from the host, and the CIA hot on their trail, the Fringe department must do whatever is necessary to prevent this thing from killing again...

And where is the Observer? Well because of the long break between episodes, he has graciously decided that we need some practice before he starts really trying again, so he is actually quite easy to find. He is cleverly almost out of sight when Broyles is in what looks to be an airport, and is telling Olivia that the CIA is attempting to take the case out from under them. He walks out of a plane and watches Broyles while he is completing the call, then promptly walks off screen. The picture is below with the customary red box around our friend.

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  1. He's like the G-Man from Half-Life. Walking around where he can or can't be noticed, watching the main characters. Very cool. I always delight in seeing him in an episode!