Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Season 1? - Episode ? "Unearthed"

Welcome back from the break everyone, it has definitely been way too long. Now I understand that some of you were confused by the first "special" episode of the new year, mainly because Charlie was around and not trying to kill Olivia. That is because this first episode is actually one that was unaired from the first season. I guess there was something important in this episode that is needed for future ones.

Anyways, the episode begins with a teenage girl dying and then coming back to life only moments later, yelling phrases in Russian. These phrases are only known by a murdered Naval officer, who had recently been exposed to large amounts of radiation on a nuclear sub, and had only survived due to an experimental drug. The energy from his life force is what brought back the girl, but it also transferred his consciousness to her. Now they fight for control of the body as the Naval officer attempts to kill his wife, who was responsible for his murder. Luckily, Olivia and Charlie are able to subdue the girl and Walter finally removes the Naval officer's consciousness from her mind. But we are once again reminded that "There is more than one of everything", because at the end of the episode we see a victim of a car crash come back to life, and he is speaking Russian.

And where is the Observer? Well he wasn't that hard to spot this time, if you were paying attention. He walks right behind Olivia when she is talking to the mother of the girl in front of the church. The picture is below, with a red box around the Observer's face.


  1. Yeah, I was so confused when this episode aired! I saw Charlie and was like "Did I miss something?" I feel really stupid that I didn't catch the Observer though, he was in plain sight this time...

  2. hey,
    i just wanted to clarify something. all this talk of it being an unaired episode from season 1 is just speculation. the people at fox have said that it "could be" from there, or it could be from season 2 before charlie died, OR it could also be from the alternate universe. they did not specifically say that its from season 1, and they said that we'll find out later. so hang on...lets see what happens.
    by the way- love the site! thanks