Friday, January 15, 2010

Season 2 - Episode 11 "Johari Window"

The very first SEASON 2 (see previous post) episode of the new year, begins with a police officer picking up a runaway kid on the side of a road. The kid transforms before our eyes from a good looking kid into a deformed child. Before anything can be done, a group of deformed humans take back the child and kill everyone who had seen him. The team is called into investigate and is led back to one of Walter's old experiments. The town is covered with an electric field to hide the fact that all of its inhabitants all suffer from a genetic disorder which causes them to be deformed. Feeling partially responsible for this development, Walter demands that agent Broyles leave this finding off the record so that the town can live in peace. Broyles accepts and the town is safe, for now.

And where is the Observer? Well it looks like he is still stepping up is game from before the break as he is quite hard to see in this episode. He is watching the crowd when the sheriff is telling them to calm down and that he will "take care of" the FBI agents. He is at the back of the group and is covered mostly by shadows so it is not easy to spot him. He is in the customary red box for your convenience.

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