Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 4 "The Arrival"

Now this really is cause to celebrate. This episode is completely surrounding the Observer!

When a odd metal cylinder causes a crane to crash, the Fringe team is called in to investigate. However, this event is not unprecedented. One of Olivia's friends was the overseer of this exact same event years ago, and this time someone is after it. Walter, as directed by the Observer hides this object from everyone, including the team, but is it truly safe? All the while a strange man known only as "The Observer" is found to be watching the events of the pattern, but what connection does he have to these strange happenings?

In this episode, you have to be pretty stupid to miss the observer because he is part of the main plot. If you miss him you must be either blind or you just aren't paying attention. However, for those of you who still can't see him, I have added pictures with red boxes circling our best friend. I really spoil you guys way to much.

The Observer Sightings

1: In the diner at the beginning and then in front of the fallen crane. You can't miss him because he is the focus of almost every shot.

2: In the pictures that Olivia found him in. You again can't miss him because he is specifically pointed out.

3: When he meets Walter in the diner. Again you can't miss him because Walter is talking to him.

4: He has a fight with Peter and then shows off his powers. He can't be missed!

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