Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 7 "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones"

Mitchell Loeb, and FBI agent and close personal friend to Broyles has a heart attack at FBI. But it is not your conventional heart attack, a plant like organism is clamping down on Loeb's heart, squeezing the life out of him. The team investigates and is led to a man in a german maximum security prison, a Mr. Jones. To receive the formula for and antidote, Olivia must arrange Mr. Jones to talk to man man who has recently died. Using Walter's crazy ideas, a stretch in the imagination, and a lot of homemade drugs, they manage to pull the operation off and Mr. Jones gets his answer in time to save Loeb's life. However, Jones was not the only one who wanted the answer.....

And where is the Observer throughout this ordeal? He is once again hiding in a large group of people, which makes him difficult to spot. However, it is not impossible. When Olivia is getting off the flight in Germany on her way to see Mr. Jones, you can see him waiting in the arrivals area with everyone else. This begs the question if he is following Olivia, and if so, why? Anyway, the picture is below, and the observer is once again in a red box for your benefit. A thank you would be nice.

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