Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 5 "Power Hungry"

When a man begins to set off power surges that cause an elevator to collapse and machines to go haywire, the team is once again called in. The man is clearly not in control of his abilities, but has the potential to become a potent weapon. For this reason, the team is not alone in their search for this man. However, with a little help from Walter, a tape from a boom box, and two dozen pigeons, the team might just get to him in time.

But where is the Observer? He isn't very obvious the first time, but if you miss him a second time then you should be ashamed. He is getting off the elevator that Megar is getting onto before the opening credits. He passes right by the camera so he is very hard to miss once, but don't worry if you do, that is what rewind settings are for. Again I have highlighted him for you with a red box, because that is how nice I am, but you really shouldn't need it.

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