Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Season 2 Poster

Hey everyone, I was just looking at the season two poster for Fringe and who did I see? Our very good friend, the Observer, is lurking around in the background. As usual, I have added the red box circling our friend, however I have also left a little competition for you guys, just so that you don't get to bored reading this. So this is your task, find each of the following glyphs in the picture below, then once you are done, comment on this post and explain where  to find each of the glyphs. First one to finish wins.

1 - Smoke Face
2 - Butterfly
3 - Apple
4 - Frog
5 - Massive Dynamic Building
6 - Seahorse
7 - White Rabbit
8 - Flower
9 - Leaf
10 - Yellow Dot
11 - Queen of Hearts
12 - Six-Finger Hand


  1. Okay, I found everything except the apple. It's driving me crazy!

  2. smoke face - top left above new cases.
    butterfly - top right above the L in impossibilities.
    apple - left side below the F in Fringe.
    frog - right side, up the tree trunk when it splits to the left.
    MD building - directly to the left of Olivia's hip.
    seahorse - bottom of Olivia's zipper
    white rabbit - in the shadow of the bush to the left of Peter
    flower - below the white rabbit
    leaf - in front of olivia's leg
    yellow dot - all over the place? theres one right behind the N in FRINGE
    queen of hearts - to the left of the big pit beside some leaves
    six finger hand - right side by the pit beneath the caution tape.

    sup, two months later.