Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 8 "The Equation"

In this episode we are shown a small boy who has recently lost his mother in a car accident. Afterwards he becomes obsessed with a piece of music which he is unable to complete. But this piece of music might be more than a beautiful song, because someone kidnaps him. The team is brought in on account of the manor in which he was taken. The father was shown four lights, green green green and then red, which we learn to be a very potent way of hypnotizing people (these lights can be seen in other episodes, if you look hard enough). As it turns out, many people have been abducted in this method, all experts in their field hell bent on solving an equation, one of which is in St. Claire's. Walter returns to question him and is forced to stay the night. He is released in the morning, but the warden makes it clear that Walter should remain. Because of the info obtained by Walter, the team saves the kid. However, the song is complete, which turns out to be very useful to Mitchell Loeb....

And where is the Observer? Well, he is difficult to spot in this episode but we have found him! When Peter calls Olivia from outside St. Claire's, he is beside the tree behind Olivia. He is facing the "Red Castle" Walter describes, almost like he is telling us where to look. Seems he is rewarding us for finding him. He is as usual in a red box, so check it out!

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