Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 10 "Safe"

The equation from a few episodes earlier comes into play here, as we learn what it is used for. Mitchell Loeb is using it to pass through solid walls to rob safety deposit boxes paid for 20 years ago. When one of Mitchell's team is trapped inside the wall, the  team is called in to check it out. Through their investigation, their discover that the safety deposit boxes are Walters, and what is inside them is even more amazing. Meanwhile, Mr. Jones prepares for his escape by sending word to his comrades that he requires one thing upon his arrival, Special Agent Olivia Dunham......

And where is the Observer? Well, because this was the final Fringe episode before the break in the season, he was exceptionally hard to find. But not impossible. At the very beginning of the episode, when you are given a short glimpse of the computer screens before they are switched off. You can see him in the picture below, again highlighted with a red box.

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