Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 3 "The Ghost Network"

In the third episode of Fringe, the team discovers a bus that has been attacked by a pair of mysterious men. At the same time a man from Walter's past reappears, plagued by visions of horrible "accidents". But instead of accidents, these are all parts of the pattern, and the visions are something much more....

And our favorite question, where is the Observer? He is very hard to see in this episode so don't beat yourself up about it if you miss him the first few times. He is on the train with Olivia, while she is searching it for the partner of the FBI woman who was killed on the bus. You can see him first in the glass on the right of the train and then Olivia passes right beside him. Both of these are blurry at best and only last a second, which is why it is so hard. As usual, I have highlighted him with a red box, but in the second image you really shouldn't need it.

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