Sunday, September 20, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 18 "Midnight"

A spinal fluid sucking vampire is loose in the city, and Fringe science is humanity's only hope. But as the mutilated remains of this killer's victims begin to appear with increased frequency, the team kicks it into overdrive to find this killer, but instead, they find a leading ZFT scientist. Luckily, the killer is his wife and for helping to create a cure he has promised Olivia answers. Unfortunately the creation of the cure kills the scientist, and all of the answers die with him. Or do they? Before he died, the scientist taped himself revealing all of ZFT's secrets that he knew, including the man who funds their operations, William Bell.

And where is the Observer in all of this? Well, even out favorite man with no hair to speak of and an expression that never changes, there is a limit to how long he can go without a good party. He is walking (I was really hoping he would be dancing, sigh) behind the "vampire's" first target in the club. If you missed him before here is a picture with him in a red box, like all of the other 17 times this has been done.

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  1. he is actually there both times the victim sees a gurl in the club