Sunday, September 20, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 16 "Unleashed"

An animal rights group of college students breaks into a testing facility, unleashing a genetically engineered monster on the world. Impregnating those it attacks with its stinger, the team is called in to capture it before more begin to appear. However, once Charlie is "knocked up", the team has twenty four hours before the grubs explode from Charlie's stomach. In the midst of all this excitement, Walter begins to realize the repercussions of his past work, and takes it on himself to capture the creature himself. With the clock still ticking, Olivia Walter and Peter descend into the sewers to confront one of their most dangerous assignments yet....

And where is the Observer in this episode? Well he is actually very cleverly hidden in this episode, but don't think that that makes it okay to just give up on trying to find him. He walks right behind the news reporter on the TV in Charlie's bedroom. He is once again in the picture below circled by a red box, my gift to you.

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