Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season 1 - Episode 6 "The Cure"

Patients of a rare and incurable disease are kidnapped and and then weeks later show up, confused, disoriented, and living bombs. They give off large amounts of radiation which quickly poisons the people close to the patient, and then causes their heads to explode. And with another patient missing, the team is called in to search for the answers. Their investigation leads to a competitor of, you guessed it, Massive Dynamic. This competitor has been doing experiments on patients for quite a while now, and seems to have a plan for what their new bombs are going to do.....

But where is our friend? He isn't to careful this time around, but he doesn't stick around for long so don't feel to bad if you missed him. When Olivia is talking to David Esterbrook in the hotel, the Observer walks behind them in two different shots, they are both below. I have once again shown him in a red box so that you can see him better, but once again you really shouldn't need it.

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